Once upon a time…

there was a little girl whose father and mother were dead, and she was so poor that she no longer had any little room to live in or bed to sleep in and at last she had nothing else but the clothes she was wearing. This is how the famous fairy-tale by Brothers Grimm begins in which a little girl gives away her last little shirt out of kind-heartedness and is richly rewarded in the endwith golden talers that fall down from heaven directly into her lap. A deeply moving story captured in the name and logo of our company. For as nice as the fairy-tale by the Grimms is, are our toys and textiles that offer babies and small children a lot of joy and fun, protection and warmth...and all that already since 1965.

A historically Grown Family Business  

Because 1965 was the year when Alfons and Käte Koch founded the business in Dornburg-Dorndorf and launched the first collection of baby- booties on the market.
1966 - 1967


The large department store chains Kaufhof, Karstadt, Horten and Hertie place first orders 



The product range is extended by their first own hat collection  
1968 - 1972


Sterntaler exhibits the collection at eight regional trade fairs in Germany and becomes established as  trade mark  


First building phase completed – own business premises 


Sterntaler’s first toy collection comes into the world 


Sterntaler has 3 travelling salesmen who visit customers nationwide 
1975 - 1988


Second building phase completed – Sterntaler’s premises expand 


Due to rising demand, the product range is extended by the first own sock-collection and Sterntaler becomes a specialist for baby- and child foot-related products 


Meanwhile the number of specialist retail shop customers in Germany reaches more than 1.000 


Third building phase completed - Sterntaler expands throughout Europe 


Apart from newly designed shapes and models, the topic functional wear becomes an important one; especially in the introduction of UV-protection in hats, Sterntaler holds a leading pioneer role 
1990 - 2002


Fourth building phase completed -Sterntaler is the first manufacturer to introduce newly shaped crawling mats; animal motifs conquer the hearts of children’s rooms


Foundation of a production company in Asia and Czechia; the production capacity at the headquarters in Dornburg-Dorndorf is not sufficiently large anymore 


Sterntaler launches ABS-Socks on the German market; the trademark-protected term by Sterntaler becomes synonymous for anti-slip socks  


From musical toys to crawling mats up to sleeping bags; the idea of serial products enters Sterntaler’s toy range – single characters are offered in up to 35 different variations


Sterntaler is the first manufacturer who offers their customers shop systems for all product ranges 


Sterntaler conquers the export market and is successfully positioned in more than 25 countries 
2004 - 2009


Introduction of the Fliesen-Flitzer/Flying Floor Whizzers; after the ABS socks it is the second trademark-protected term by Sterntaler that becomes a household name 


We are celebrating our 40th anniversary…and treat ourselves to some nice presents. Our business activities expand with a complete new building, the opening of an internet shop for the trade and the creation of Sterntaler Limited Hong Kong


Germany’s TV-channel ZDF visits Sterntaler; the success story of Sterntaler’s popular hand puppets runs its course


Sterntaler GmbH & Co. KG, Sterntaler Holding and Sterntaler UB GmbH merge into the new Sterntaler GmbH


Sterntaler gets a new resource planning system and successfully presents the first collection of children‘s clothing 
2010 - 2014


Opening of the new showroom; a good example for Sterntaler’s way to tackle the challenges of future needs 
The clothing collection expands with baby and child underwear 


A new inventory and logistics management system is introduced and the new Sterntaler internet appearance goes online.  


project 6/8 by Sterntaler: enhances the very successful Sterntaler brand with its own collection of hats for kids in sizes  49-57.


Sterntaler  gives the WorldWideWeb a new momentum! 
At www.sterntaler-shop.com and www.project68shop.com  the new Sterntaler collections are ready to order online 24 hrs/7 days a week. 


We are celebrating our 50th anniversary and start the new season with our first in-house exhibition in our showroom in Dorndorf.  

On more than 350 sqm our customers are given an exclusive discovery-tour through our brandnew collections, the occasion to meet and talk to other colleagues from the retail branch and  of course many great special offers. 

As market leader in the baby and child accessory section, more than 1.000 employees work  for Sterntaler worldwide,  among them about 250  in Germany.

We are here to help you!

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