We at Sterntaler, see, hear and feel like children do. For we want to understand what touches children because they touch our inner selves. For generations and with all our heart.
  • To grasp, what touches.

There is no age in which we experience everything with such intensity as in childhood. It remains a fine art to remember and preserve a piece of childhood in our everyday adulthood life.  Having this ability is exactly what is meant by being a Sterntaler. In other words: the ability to be enthusiastic about new ideas. The power of imagination and the ability to immerse oneself in new fantastic worlds of make-believe. Showing an unbiased approach to new tasks and challenges. Just like honesty which is the best basis for mutual trust.
  • Opening hearts through all the senses.

Children still see things adults are already blind to. They still hear things older people have turned a deaf ear to. Their souls can still feel where others have already become emotionally dulled. We at Sterntaler have not forgotten what it means to be a child. As one of the leading manufacturers of toys and textiles for babies and young children it is our aim to understand the children’s world in order to make them understand our world. The knowledge resulting from this curiosity, our love for details and our sense of responsibility is entirely incorporated into the diversity, creativity and quality of our products.
  • Our products bear a great responsibility and set quality standards.

Our quality not only refers to the high-quality material which is free from harmful substances and carefully manufactured on the highest technical standard but also to the production sites. This is why - on a voluntary basis - we respond to the challenge of meeting the ICTI-Code (International Council of Toy Industries) and we are one of the first German manufacturers that had all their toy production sites certified.

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