Little friends wanted!

Is your child photogenic, easy to motivate and has a certain amount of spontaneity in front of the camera?
Then it has the best chance to become a Sterntaler model.

We are regularly looking for young, up-and-coming talents for fashion photography. Sweet, pretty, cheeky, extraordinary children with a lot of charisma and without camera shoestring, aged 0 - 12 years from the area Limburg.

Please send a current photo to:
Sterntaler GmbH, Baby- Galerie, Werkstraße 6-8, 65599 Dornburg-Dorndorf

Or fill in the following contact form:

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Information about the child

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Sterntaler GmbH
Werkstraße 6-8
65599 Dornburg-Dorndorf
+49 64 36 5090
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